Volleyball Challenge - Easterseals Means Inclusion and Possibilities to Families
Easterseals Means Inclusion and Possibilities to Families
Easterseals Means Inclusion and Possibilities to Families (12/30/2022)
Carolyn loves her Easterseals day program for adults with intellectual disabilities. She loves it so much that when she is not there, she is asking to go. This sentiment means a lot to her parents, Jeanne and Larry, who call the program “the perfect fit for Carolyn.”
“I wish there was a better word than amazing to describe Easterseals. Carolyn loves being there,” Jeanne says. “We are so grateful we are at Easterseals. We feel so lucky we get to be a part of an organization that is so willing to give and be there for her.”
Carolyn participates in the day program four days a week, but she is no stranger to Easterseals. She started receiving occupational, physical and speech therapies when she was six months old where she built a firm foundation to help her be more independent. While looking for a program for Carolyn to attend after high school, her family once again turned to Easterseals.
“We loved Easterseals from when she was a baby. When we saw the day program we knew it was a perfect fit for Carolyn.” Jeanne says. “You can see how hard the Direct Support Professionals work to make the day program a positive experience and it is every day, not just one day. DSPs are a part of our family.”
By participating in the day program, Carolyn has become more social and her interest in activities has increased because of it. Her communication has also improved. She speaks more clearly and is more independent because she is able to express her wants and needs. Carolyn enjoys taking walks, going on outings to places like Lums Pond, singing karaoke, and coloring.
“To us, Easterseals means integrity, inclusion, respect, friendship and possibilities. Because of Easterseals there are so many things she can do now,” Jeanne says. “She is a gift that keeps giving. She’s given us so much. We’ve learned so much from her.”
Carolyn’s sister, Kate adds, “Carolyn possesses so many qualities and strengths we all aspire to have in ourselves.” 
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