Volleyball Challenge - 2020 Volleyball Ambassador-Joey
2020 Volleyball Ambassador-Joey
2020 Volleyball Ambassador-Joey (01/30/2020)
Joey’s Easterseals Story:
“From Surviving to Thriving”
“We were in the car and Joey started singing the Lion Guard theme song. I know most
three-year-old kids sing, but for my husband and I, it was a big deal. We knew we were
hearing him sing for the first time thanks to speech therapy with Easterseals,”
Kelly, Joey’s mom, says. 
Joey’s journey with Easterseals began when he was almost two years-old. Children’s Therapy
Services not only gave the Paola family that special moment in the car, but has also helped 
Joey with his communications skills, easing a lot of the frustration that comes with not being
“My child is a different child since he started with Easterseals. Easterseals exceeded any
expectation and needs we had,” Kelly says. “We were a family that went from surviving to thriving.” 
Thanks to physical and occupational therapy with Easterseals, Joey has gone from frequently falling
because of his physical disability to jumping with both feet. He also is using both hands to play, stack
blocks and solve puzzles. Feeding therapy has helped him to swallow and tolerate different foods.   
“Easterseals is exemplary. Easterseals holds themselves to higher standards and that really benefitted
us. They didn’t just say ‘this is another kid in my case load.  They care about us as a family,” Kelly says.  
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