Volleyball Challenge - Easterseals Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month
Easterseals Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month
Easterseals Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month (04/05/2022)
Easterseals celebrates National Autism Acceptance Month in April with parents like, Heather and Micah Molin, of Wilmington, who recognized that their son, Landon,
was not only missing his milestones but he also seemed completely unaware of the world around him. They worried about Landon until he started receiving
Easterseals Children’s Therapies.
“I was overwhelmed and scared not knowing what the future looked like for my son,” Heather says. “He has become the most amazing boy with the help of therapies.”
When Landon started receiving Early Childhood Education, Occupational and Speech services with Easterseals at eight months old he was unable to communicate
or engage with others around him, became overwhelmed easily, and avoided eating most foods. Thanks to therapy he is waving, clapping, saying phrases, counting,
writing his alphabet and numbers, playing with others.
“If you are worried about your child, get help. With the right support your child can thrive. Landon is thriving. Landon would not be where he is today without his
therapists,” Heather says.  “He was a little boy in his shell and not aware of others and now he is engaging with us and the world around him. He never wanted to be
held and now he is snuggling in our laps. With the right help your child will succeed.”
Landon has mastered so many skills and is now working on sensory play to participate in touching, tasting and eating more textures, using his words to communicate
his needs, following instructions and learning to eat with a spoon. He is able to do all of his therapies at home which makes receiving intervention convenient for families
and relieves stress for both parents and children.
“It is less stressful to have in home therapy. In his environment, he opened up since everything was familiar. There was no warm up time,” Heather says. ”Therapy was
able to be on his time and in the comfort of our own home. It is a blessing.”
Easterseals recognizes the many needs of the growing population of people whose lives are impacted by autism. Easterseals meets the needs of this population through
a myriad of services offered, including: adult day programs, supported employment services, children’s therapy services, services for caregivers and through
Camp Fairlee, an accessible camp for children and adult with disabilities, including autism.
Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore is leading the way to an inclusive community through its innovative services, which include: children’s therapies, day
programs for adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, supported employment, senior services, recreational camping, respite services, and services for caregivers.
To learn more about Easterseals, call 1-800-677-3800 or visit www.de.easterseals.com.
Landon is clapping joyfully thanks to Easterseals Children’s Therapy