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Easterseals has been providing exceptional services to people living with disabilities in our region for nearly 75 years.
In 2021, Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore met the needs of 29,912 (6,523 direct and 23,389 indirect) children and adults with disabilities, and their families, through direct and indirect services.
Easterseals Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month (04/05/2022)
Easterseals celebrates National Autism Acceptance Month in April with parents like, Heather and Micah Molin, of Wilmington, who recognized that their son, Landon, was not only missing his milestones but he also seemed completely unaware of the world around him. They worried about Landon until he started receiving Easterseals Children’s Therapies. “I was overwhelmed and scared not knowing what the future looked like for my son,” Heather says. “He has become the most amazing boy with the help of therapies.” When Landon started receiving Early Childhood Education, Occupational and Speech services with Easterseals at eight months old he was unable to communicate or...
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Event Bigger Than Ever! (02/28/2022)
Easterseals/CAI Volleyball Challenge is Bigger Than Ever The 2022 Easterseals/CAI Volleyball Challenge will take place on May 14 at William Penn High School in New Castle and on June 4 at Delaware State University in Dover. Everyone is welcome to form a team for this family-friendly event. This year’s event offers a variety of ways to get involved to raise money for Easterseals services to improve the lives of people with disabilities in our local communities. Participants and teams can choose between playing volleyball at either Delaware State University, William Penn High School or both. Exciting prizes will be awarded...
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