Volleyball Challenge - Helping your child learn through play!
Helping your child learn through play!
Helping your child learn through play! (11/05/2014)
How Easterseals Can Help Your Child
When your child comes to Easterseals, he/she will receive a thorough evaluation by a team of therapists that may include Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Early Childhood Educators.

Together, they will work to create an integrated plan of therapy unique to your child's individual needs that will help improve your child's immediate and future successes.

Our staff's knowledge, medical expertise and experience in child development is one reason why Easterseals is the largest provider of children's therapy services in Delaware and on the Maryland's Eastern Shore. Their excellence is based on extensive education in their individual disciplines and years of clinical  experience.

Easterseals has the experience and talent to guide you and your child through every step of child development from infancy to adolescence.

For more information about the programs and services offered at Easterseals, call 1-800-677-3800 or email contact@esdel.org.

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